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In the past, many of our families have shared letters, photos and personal notes showing your sincere appreciation for the service you have received across all of our businesses. We love to hear from you! You are welcome to leave your comments here on our website as well. (Please use the contact form for all other inquiries.)

I've had 2 pets cremated by Phil within the last 2 years. Both times it was traumatic for me and both times Phil had made me feel at ease with the care he took with my pets, the concern he had for me and the time he took answering questions when I wasn't always thinking straight. Losing a pet is never easy but Phil made the heartache an easier process to go through.

Terri Hamilton

I am impressed with their ability to customize any monument with any image. The quality and the craftsmanship is really quite impressive. Overall, my family and I are very happy with the service we received.

Charles Hume

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