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DonatelliLocationFred Donatelli Memorials has been in business since 1965. We offer Western Pennsylvania’s largest inventory of monuments — in a wide variety of sizes, colors and designs. We have over 300 choices in our indoor showrooms and more selections in our extensive patio and lawn display. Choose from a variety of upright memorials and private mausoleums. Our quality selections are engraved on-site in our workshop and installed to your complete satisfaction.

We are proud to offer you the experience and service of three generations, dedicated to providing distinctive memorials in many Western Pennsylvania cemeteries. When it comes to memorialization, we deliver a quality product — on time and within your budget. We firmly believe that a well educated customer is important to our business. Here are just a few options you need to consider before purchasing a monument or mausoleum. Click on each of the sections below for more information:

Monuments & Mausoleums

Monuments & MausoleumsWe understand what you are going through and we take the time to listen to your needs, fully respecting your wishes and concerns. In this section of our website, we offer some basic guidelines that will help you with this decision in this most difficult time in your life.

Colors & Design

Colors & DesignFred Donatelli & Son Cemetery Memorials stocks the area’s largest array of monuments! We offer extensive indoor, outdoor and patio showrooms — choose your monument from the selection we have in stock, or order your memorial complete to your specifications. Click here for more details.

Value & Installation

When comparison shopping for a memorial, it is important to know that not all stone is created equal. Buyer beware! Just like shopping for a fine diamond, all is not what it seems when shopping for memorials. Here are some tips on what to look for to get the best value for your investment.

Business Capabilities

Business CapabilitiesClick here for information about our “business to business” capabilities. Our etching and engraving services help many new or existing businesses and organizations convey stability, sustenance, taste and quality as part of their image, marketing and branding scheme.

Pre-Need Program

Pre-Need ProgramConsidering the “peace of mind” benefit for those left behind, you need only sacrifice an investment of time and the cost of your memorial today. Remember, the best preparation for the future is right here in the present. Find out how to participate in our Pre-Need Program here.


MaintenanceMaintaining your memorial is easy as it is built to last for centuries. Here are some tips that you should know for keeping your monument looking it’s best in every season. Also click here for information about adding lettering or dates to your existing monument.