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In the past, many of our families have shared letters, photos and personal notes showing your sincere appreciation for the service you have received across all of our businesses. We love to hear from you! You are welcome to leave your comments here on our website as well. (Please use the contact form for all other inquiries.)

They are very professional and compassionate on some very bad days. Same day service was important to me. I highly recommend, but hope not to be there again soon. Thank you for helping me out.


I brought my beautiful Nina in to be cremated. It was comforting to see she was in good hands. I really liked how she was referred to as my loved one, and not just my cat. I felt amazed that I got to pick up her ashes in the beautiful urn they had on display.

Anne Pliskaner

We called Monday morning and had a friendly and informative chat with Corky. We then drove out and were met by Phil to have our pup cremated. Phil was friendly, direct and compassionate. He walked us through the process and took exceptional care of Hayley and her parents. His care and professionalism was second to none. The process was efficient but also emotional for us. Phil understood our pain and we thank him for how he handled the situation. We have nothing but positive things to say about our experience. Thank you Phil and Corky.

Chris Good

When my precious cat Quincy of 20 years, took ill I wasn't quite sure what was the next step to honor him as he has been such a light for our family through the years. My husband suggested having him cremated. I was nervous about that because I have never done it before. I called several times just to ask questions . The conversations were always courteous and caring. They even said that if it was a day they weren't there to still call because they come in to check on things. When I took my cat there it was nice to have such kindness, caring and understanding. I knew he was in really good hands. He was taken car of within two hours and I was able to pick up his remains again was met with so much compassion. I went here because of the great reviews and I am really glad I did. Thank you for your compassion and caring. It was so appreciated.

Debbie Hedges

Philip made an extremely sad and difficult time a little easier because of his kindness and compassion. We knew our kitty Rocco's health was declining and the end was near. When the time came a friend recommended OakCrest. We were very pleased with Philip and the way he handled everything. We also loved the fact that we were able to bring Rocco home the same day in a beautiful kitty urn. Thank you for treating our precious little boy like family!

Maria Tucciarone

Our beloved boy, Sammy, passed away just 5 days before his 19th birthday. Phil arranged for picking up our boy and returning him to us for his birthday. We were provided with courteous and professional service as well as many urns to choose from for our boy. We highly recommend their services and will recommend Oak Crest to our friends with pets. A sympathetic friend in troubling times.

Bob Lucas

There’s no one better than Phil to help with those last moments that we have with our pets. I’ve taken many pets to him over the years and I know when I leave they are in the best hands. The service and care given every time I’m there can not be beat.

Heather Miller

Phil has served my family upon the deaths of 5 beloved Golden Retrievers since 2004. They were not dogs, but children and family members. There is no one I trust more with their cremations. The Neil Family

John and Cindy Neil

Phil, Losing Cody and having to use your service was heart wrenching and I still have not come to terms with his passing and 'our routine'. I would like to extend my gratitude with the respect, care and dignity with the handling of Cody. As his mom of over 18 years I appreciate your friendly and compassionate nature in the midst of this trying time. On behalf of Cody, Thank you!~~~ Carolyn DeLuca

Carolyn 'Carrie' DeLuca

Our sweet kitten Doby was just 10 months old when he passed. We adopted him just four months prior to his passing not knowing he had a fatal disease that had absolutely no cure. When the time unfortunately arrived i knew our sweet boy wouldn't make it through the weekend. We had taken our dog to Oak Crest almost 10 years ago so I had called Phil to ask him what to do if our Doby passed away on a Sunday when they were not there. Then unfortunately, about 4 hours later our sweet Doby starting having seizures and we had to have him put to sleep. Phil took Doby in right away took care of his remains for my little girls. he said to come back just about 45 minutes later and Doby would be ready. Saying goodbye to a furbaby is never ever easy no matter how long you have them as a part of your family. I couldn't ask for anything more during such a sad time. Thank you Phil! God bless!

Loretta A Coffin

We just want to thank Phil for accommodating the cremation of our beloved cat Allie. Phil is so kind and compassionate and he goes above and beyond to make the heartache feel better. Thank you Phil. You are simply the best. God Bless you. Bill and Valerie

Bill & Valerie Pappas

Want to thank Phil for an excellent job in taking care of my pet Crockett. I could not have picked a better place for my pet. Thanks Phillips for everything you did and for our conversation

Mike Scott, your new mailman friend

Our cat Tiggr passed unexpectedly on Monday, July 5th. I contacted Oak Crest on Tuesday morning and made arrangements for his cremation. When we arrived at Oak Crest, we met with Phil. Phil explained the procedure thoroughly, even asking if we wanted Tiggr to continue resting wrapped in the blanket we had transported him in. We left feeling we had made the correct decision for Tiggr. We returned today to pick up his ashes. Again, feeling/knowing we had made the right decision. We appreciate the comfort, caring and compassion shown to our pet and to my husband and I. Thank you Phil and Oak Crest for everything.


We lost our precious Rottweiler Cazimir while visiting family in Pittsburgh. We called a number of places in the area that provided cremation services, but we knew we found the right place for her when we talked to Philip Donatelli. He was calm, professional, and caring. He made us very comfortable bringing our Caz to him. It was like having a personal friend in the business. Every step and every detail was the perfect combination of professional and friendly. Philip, our family can’t thank you enough. The best service we’ve ever experienced and a very reasonable price. Pet lovers in this area are fortunate to have Oakcrest!

Timothy Foster

Yesterday, we unexpected lost our Ginger. Being it was the weekend...and our vet was closed we sought other means and found Oakcrest Crematory. Phil was just awesome! He treated us with kindness and took wonderful care of our Ginger. It was wonderful to have her back home with us in a matter of hours. Thank you Phil for your professionalism and support during this difficult time. Ginger had a rough start in life, living under a trailer at a park and ride. Construction workers would feed her, but sadly no one ever wanted her. Our friend rescued her and took care of all her vet bills and then proceeded to find her a home. Ginger was for the most part a feral cat about a yr old, but she came with us and was glad to see we had other felines she could call her sisters and brothers and a place where she could call home and "belong". We had her for 7 beautiful years....thank you Phil, for making this transition less difficult. We definitely will recommend your services to our friends!

Lou and Mitzie Harvatin

We wish to extend our utmost thanks to Philip and his Son for their professional and truly caring nature during such a heartbreaking time for us. Our beloved dog, our Westie Willie, passed recently and after doing some internet research to see what our options were we chose Oak Crest Pet Crematory located in Fred Donatelli & Son Cemetery Memorials. We liked that Oak Crest was part of a long established - four generation - family business. We especially liked that Oak Crest provided private, individually handled direct cremation and that they were able to come to our home to pick up Willie – we were dreading having to make that emotional drive to drop him off. Phillip’s Son came to the house and was so reassuring that we knew our Willie was in good hands and would be treated with love & respect. When we went to pick up Willie’s ashes, Phillip made selecting a beautiful urn such an easy task. We are truly grateful for the service they offered and would not hesitate to use them again. We would also recommend them to anyone who has had a beloved “fur baby” pass away. Thank you again for making such a sad time for us easier. Chuck & Patti Suzio

Chuck & Patti Suzio

Everyone of my four legged babies who passed over the rainbow bridge have been cremated here. I even have 2 of my ferrets cremated here. They are very caring and thats rare to find anymore. I appreciate all that you guys have done for our family. Dilbert was our last baby to be cremated here and we are very please with the level of care we recieved. Thank you guys for everything.

Evans Family

We lost our dear cat Kacy to stomach cancer this week. A companion that has been by my side more than half my life, I was careful choosing end of life and post-end care. Phil was straight to the point, and made sure we knew every choice we had for Kacy, and treated her and us with the utmost respect through the process. I can't tell you how thankful I am that you were there for us in our time of need! Kacy came home with us the same day we brought her in, and we have a beautiful memorial urn that matched parts of her coat.

Sarah Holt

I have had to use the services here for pet cremation twice. I drive from 2 states away and would not trust my beloved babies to anyone else. Philip is not only very professional, he is extremely compassionate and caring. You know he is taking as good of care of your beloved pet as you would yourself. He handles them very gently, as if they were his own pets. He will also let you watch the process, so you can rest assured. He even called a few days later to inquire how I was doing and to ask if I felt he took good care of my babies. I hope not to have to use this service again anytime soon. But I know when the time comes, hopefully many years from now, I will call on Philip and Oak Crest again. Philip, you are truly an amazing individual. And you helped make a difficult, painful thing a little bit easier. Thank you

Laurie Watkins

We lost our 16 year old cat,Stitches,today. Phillip made this process much less painful.He is kind & warm and speaks with genuine compassion. I spoke with him the day before her passing to make sure of the process.Even then, he treated me as if I was the most important client he had. It was so comforting to be able to have Stitches back with us in a very short timeframe. We recommend OakCrest for all of your pets and their end of life care.

Cindy Johnson & Celina Johnson

I recently lost my beloved 14 year old cat Dotty. Her passing did not come as a complete surprise, though that did not make it any easier nor had I even started considering final arrangements for Dotty. I had never dealt with the passing of a pet and found myself at a complete loss when the time came. I reached out to OakCrest due to their close proximity to my home and was immediately connected with Phil. I cannot thank him enough for his kindness and compassion as well as willingness to walk me through next steps and options. Phil truly made a very difficult time as positive and manageable as possible. I would highly recommend Phil and OakCrest to anyone finding themselves in need of cremation services.

Lauren Bradford

We lost our Hannah, the best dog anyone could ever wish for, early on a Saturday morning, while traveling through Pittsburgh. Besides the awfulness of losing her, it compounded our sorrow at the thought of having to leave her remains behind, hundreds of miles away from our home. Oakcrest answered our call, and saw to us right away, with great delicacy and empathy. If not for Oakcrest, we would not have been able to bring her home with us that very day. We will always miss her little wet nose and enthusiastic kisses, but the grief was less unbearable with the help of your services.

Bett J Williams

I was so sad when my little Lily O' Day passed away. She was my little girl, my Best Friend, my family. There is no Springtime without her -- I so loved her. And I prayed to find a place that I could trust to care for her body. During my first call to Phil, I knew he was the best professional I could trust with my pet. Phil is very patient and will take the time to calm any fears you may have. It is a difficult work that he does, and he does it with great care and compassion. I highly recommend Phil and would give him an A+ for every aspect of his work. I cannot say it enough -- Thank You, Phil, for your kindness and your 'Wonderful Work'. Blessings, Jan

Jan H.

I just want to thank you... You took care of Felix 2 yrs ago. Then you took care of my clients need today. I'm so grateful of your kindness.. My heart goes out to you. You helped me and her grieve in the right way.

Deborah Hollie

I lost my 28 year old son to murder. It took my husband and I a few months to figure out exactly what we wanted to do in regard to burying our son. We cremated him because his death was so unexpected and I could not just bury him in the cold of February. I wanted time to plan my son's interment.We were put in touch with Corky, who handled our son's headstone with every professional insight he could offer. I opted to have my son's picture on his headstone. I had favorites, but Corky let me know what pictures would work best. He honored my request for a few personal things inscripted on my son's stone. I have to say, I get a ton of compliments on that headstone. As long as my sons friends and family feel welcome when they go sit with him, I am happy. Within a year of losing my son, I lost my canine companion of almost 15 years. Again, Donatelli came though. Phillip picked up my beloved Belle from home and took her to Oakcrest where she was cremated. Another tough loss for me. Donatelli's were a comfort for me in two of the most trying times in my life. I cannot say enough, except Thank you for being there.

Robin Ketter

One of the most difficult things to do is to say goodbye to a loyal friend and to know that they will be treated with the utmost care and love once their time on earth is over. I was so relieved to find OakCrest and to contact Philip Donatelli. His warmth and open concern left me at ease that my faithful friend would be taken care of without any concerns. When we took our Westie to him everything was handled empathetically and professionaly and I was relieved to have Chubbs back very quickly. And having a verification that it was truly our precious pup returned within hours was so reassuring . Philip gave us the time to grieve, the information we needed for what to expect from his services and the costs and also the emotional support and space when we needed it. Thank you Philip Donatlli and OakCrest for making a difficult situation a less stressful one.

Constance Sorgen

Professional, empathetic, sensitive, genuine, and prompt. Our beloved pet and family member, Murphy, recently crossed the rainbow bridge. We requested Oakcrest Crematory provide the services for his remains. We had read positive reviews and found that our experience echoed the other positive reviews. We felt the company was incredibly caring and sensitive to our needs and requests during such an emotional time. We highly recommend Fred Donatelli/Oakcrest Pet Crematory to those who have the unfortunate task of caring for the remains of their beloved furry friends after they cross the rainbow bridge.

Heather Brady

Philip is my hero. I was so devastated with each one of my baby kitties that went home to Heaven. They weren't babies but they were my babies. Philip gave me kindness and gentle consideration on every conversation that he had with me during each tragic time. I have beautiful urns for all of my kitties. Thank you Philip. God bless you and your family. Angela Mazzarese.

Angela Mazzarese

I want to thank Phillip for making us feel so comfortable leaving our little ferret in his care for cremation. This is such a difficult time and Phillip spoke with such compassion and professionalism throughout the whole process, making it just a little bit easier to make it through this difficult time. I cant thank you enough for your service and care. I will certainly recommend you to anyone who may need this service. Thank you.

Jeremy Carter

I've had 2 pets cremated by Phil within the last 2 years. Both times it was traumatic for me and both times Phil had made me feel at ease with the care he took with my pets, the concern he had for me and the time he took answering questions when I wasn't always thinking straight. Losing a pet is never easy but Phil made the heartache an easier process to go through.

Terri Hamilton

I am impressed with their ability to customize any monument with any image. The quality and the craftsmanship is really quite impressive. Overall, my family and I are very happy with the service we received.

Charles Hume

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