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Fred Donatelli also owns and operates Pittsburgh Cremation Service, PRIVATELY serving the funeral home industry throughout Western Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia since 1974. We know the importance of proper and respectful service and we have a solid reputation of doing our job well. Our operators are fully certified by Cremation Association of North America (CANA).

Furthermore, Pittsburgh Cremation Service has been a training center for students from the Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science (PIMS) for the past twenty (20) years, a model for learning the proper methods of cremation service. Pittsburgh Cremation Service recently added state of the art equipment in 2007 that facilitates added benefits for funeral industry clients.

If you are a Funeral Director or a Funeral Home in good standing with Pittsburgh Cremation Service and you wish to learn more, please contact Corky Donatelli at (412) 931-1317 or fill out our contact form.

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