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Business Capabilities

In addition to the services we provide to the general public, Fred Donatelli & Son Cemetery Memorials also maintains a thriving and respected “business to business” operation. Our etching and engraving capabilities help many new or existing businesses and organizations convey stability, sustenance, taste and quality as part of their image, marketing and branding scheme.

Many of our services in this area involve a special dedication in memory of a contributor or in recognition of a benefactor. We have experience in installing both indoor and outdoor displays. Capabilities offered to businesses, organizations, non-profit groups, townships and municipalities include:

  • Address boulders and blocks
  • Signs, marquees and cornerstones
  • Township or City Memorials
  • War Memorials
  • Bird Baths, Granite Benches or Sun Dials
  • Time Capsules
  • Customized Brick Work and Stepping Stones
  • Sculptures and Plaques
  • Murals


If you have an idea, contact us to discuss your engraving needs. We excel in designing highly personalized, unique and one of a kind granite showpieces. We encourage our “business to business” customers to share their interest with us.

*Please note that Fred Donatelli & Son Cemtery Memorials DOES NOT handle kitchen or bathroom countertops as they do not typically require customized engraving.