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Colors & Design

Select from a wide variety of granite from a multitude of quarries, in varying colors and styles. Our stock ranges from a “pinkish” Mahogany to Barrie Grey to an impressive Ebony or black — and much, much more. Stop in our showroom — a virtual kaleidoscope of colors are available for viewing!


In the hands of a superior artisan, these colored granites are transformed and made truly impressive when non-polished and polished sections work together to make the design “come alive.” We also offer decorative bronze and metal plates based on your interest and preference.


Personalized inscriptions, including your loved one’s name, relationship, date of birth and date of death can be added based on your preference and selection of font. We can also add photos and medallions to help remember the life of your loved one, their interests and/or their livelihood.

We excel in designing memorials that are highly personalized, unique and one of a kind. We encourage our customers to share their interest with us. We have at our disposal some of the areas finest artists and engravers. We welcome the challenge and the experience of creating one-of-a-kind memorials, utilizing state-of-the-art technology in support of extraordinary artistic expression.